Sunday, November 15, 2015

Pray For The World, Peace For The World

Really saddened by yesterday’s news that shocked the world. How can something like this happen? Why don’t we have peace everywhere? It brings me tears for what happens to our world. But, what makes me even more sad is, why people just noticed this? Don’t people remember or don’t they know about what happen in Iraq? Or in Afghanistan? Or other cities that felt the war and terrors every day! The people who die everyday in Syria, Palestine, Paris and the other country, was innocence! Let’s we don’t forget about that. If we can’t help by materials, at least we send all the prayers for them. Still, I have a very big condolence for all the victims. My thoughts and prayers are for them. I feel very heartbroken. For Paris, for Beirut, for Palestine, for the victims of terrorism everywhere! We all know, that there’s no tolerance of any kind of terrorism acts. We all have to agree to cursing people for doing that. And when people say this is an act of Islam, me personally as a Moslem, feeling so sad by that. Islam don’t do that to other people. We shouldn’t kill. We even shouldn’t begin a war. If there’s some people terrorizing other people, that’s not Islam! Islam is never taught any violence in life. Killing, hurting other people are not allowed in Islam! They’re not a Moslem when they doing any terror to other people. If that person ever read the Qur’an, they would know that Islam never taught to kill! Terrorist has no religion! Islam is upholding morals and peacefulness. Even the word “Islam” means Peace! Blame people because they’re humans, not because their religion. All religions are good, humans not. I’m sending much love to the people all over the world. Let the world be loved, blessed, cherished. This is just my thought, there’s no offense to others. Peace should exist everywhere. The world should be in peace, not pieces. Pray for the world, Peace for the world.

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